Passport Control

The People's Republic of Mattopia
Passport Control

Please adhere to the following recommendations:
• No smoking • No phones • No negativity • Have a nice day •

Welcome to the Visa Administration Office.

Passport Control M Entrance

You are about to enter Mattopia Passport Control's world-famous Immigration Hall. Please pardon the dust and commotion while we remodel and upgrade our systems for a state-of-the-art experience you will never forget.

While in the “Great Hall,” you will attend an orientation meeting. This spiffy presentation will acclimate you to the exciting Mattopian environment you are about to enter.

Upon successfully completing the presentation, you will (probably) be granted a temporary visa to Mattopia.

Please note: there are no back buttons in the presentation, only forward buttons.

Why? Because that's how we roll in the PRM. We move forward and there's no going back.

Begin the orientation.