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Mattopia's Movie Registry

The following is a selection of movies certified as cinematic triumphs by the Motion Picture Association of Mattopia (MPAM). These are the movies that stir the Mattopian soul and provide bottomless servings of inspiration. (Listed in alphabetical order.)

Amelie: Amelie Poulain and Mattopia Jones are two of a kind

Brazil: Terry Gilliam's masterpiece is more timely now than ever

The Commitments: Dublin soul

The Dark Knight Trilogy: Christopher Nolan pioneers a new path for the comic book movie

Dead Poets Society: "Seize the day!"

Gladiator: "What we do in life echoes in eternity!"

The Indiana Jones Series: Without Indy Jones, there would be no Matty Jones

Lawrence of Arabia: Matty Jones visited many of T.E. Lawrence's historical sites during the Young Mattopia Jones Chronicles

Moulin Rouge! (2001): Baz Luhrmann reimagines the musical

The Pirates of the Caribbean Series: All of the mythologies of the high seas revisited with a modern twist, a superbly quirky hero and a great romance

Il Postino: A sweet romantic tale loosely (so very loosely) inspired by the very real work of poet Pablo Neruda

Rocky and Rocky Balboa: The original (1976) and its fifth sequel (2006) explore so many nuances of basic human endurance

Skyfall: Bond. James Bond. Done right.

Wings of Desire: An arthouse favorite featuring actor Peter Falk and rocker Nick Cave from director Wim Wenders

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