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The Dark Knight statue (at Warner Bros. Studios)
The Dark Knight memorial statue from The Dark Knight Rises on display at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, Calif.

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Gotham clown masks

Hooray for Hollywood!

Celebrate some great movie-related tours, including Warner Bros.' Batman 75th Anniversary exhibit.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

"The Dark Knight Rises is a vicious warning about the dangers of complacency and it’s also an exquisite reminder of how the smallest acts of kindness can lead to a lifetime of heroics."

Dark Knight: BD-Live Event

Christopher Nolan:
BD-Live Community Screening of The Dark Knight

"... wasn't the awesome event I was hoping for, but it wasn't a total flop."

Wally Pfister

Lighting the Knight: Wally Pfister
The Matthew Anderson Interview

"For a guy who filmed one of the biggest successes in Hollywood history, Wally Pfister is really easygoing. There's no air of pretension, no self-important attitude. At times he can be self-deprecating and, yeah, even a bit of a joker. Pretty fitting, considering the aforementioned blockbuster is The Dark Knight."

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

"... one rock-solid, intense action-drama that batapults onto this year's short list of the very best."

Gotham City Election Board

The Dark Knight's Web

A running list of Web sites in The Dark Knight's viral marketing campaign.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight: Prologue

"... a thrilling way to tease the next installment of Batman at the movies."

Batman Begins

Christian Bale: Oscar Nominee?

"... a level of dedication - and range - scarcely seen since young De Niro did his best work with Scorsese."


Batman Begins

Batman Begins
(Deluxe Edition DVD)

"... the cumulative effect is a well-done look at the making of the movie, incorporating bits of Bat history while more or less glossing over the Burton/Schumacher epoch."

Batman Begins

Batman Begins

"Batman Begins is a batastrophic success."

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