U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at the Sphere in Las Vegas

U2 at the Sphere, Las Vegas, Nevada

U2 at the Sphere, Las Vegas, Nevada

U2 at the Sphere, Las Vegas, Nevada

Zoo Station at the Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada

U2 at the Sphere, Las Vegas, Nevada

U2 at the Sphere, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Sphere, Las Vegas, Nevada

U2:UV - Achtung Baby Live at the Sphere, Las Vegas

“I’m in the black, can’t see or be seen. Baby, baby, baby, light my way!”
Ultra Violet (Light My Way) from Achtung Baby, lyrics by U2

“U2. Achtung Baby. Zooropa. ZOO-TV. These were the unnatural — ‘ubernatural’ — elements powering the electrical storm which forever changed my life: illuminating my path, showing me colors I have never seen and taking me to places I have never been.”
Mattopia Jones
(comment made to the Times via the Satellite of Love from parts unknown)

The “Mattphisto Jones” Leg

  1. 29 September U2023
  2. 30 September U2023
  3. 5 October U2023
  4. 7 October U2023
  5. 21 October U2023
  6. 16 December U2023

Out of Office Message: “Achtung! I am currently wandering through the hype of Atomic City, where unprecedented ultraviolet rays are – in mysterious ways – creating significant levels of interference and feedback, forcing me off the grid. I’ll review and respond to your message as appropriate after I return. If you need immediate assistance in finding what you’re looking for, please contact [redacted].” (The message contains nine U2 references.)

“This is the first year in which Matty’s passions for both U2 and Indiana Jones have crossed paths to such a heightened extent. The result is a delightful and ridiculously entertaining high-water mark of adventure and creativity. It’s a felonious mischaracterization to describe him as merely ‘giddy as a schoolboy,’” from the Times op-ed column on 4 April U2023.

The Zooropean Dispatch

  • U2 will be the first act to perform at the Sphere at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • The Sphere is essentially on scale with an arena, but it’s designed specifically for concerts, cinema and other theatrical experiences. It is not for sporting events.
  • These will be the band’s first shows since Mumbai, India, on 15 December U2019. Mattopia Jones was there.
  • The first show at the Sphere will be on 29 September U2023. Mattopia Jones will be there.
  • Larry Mullen — the drummer and the band’s founder — will be recuperating from surgery, so Bram van den Berg will fill in for these shows.
  • 1 million people registered for U2 tickets.
  • Initially, five dates were announced. An additional seven were added in short order. Then another five. That was all during the presale activities, before a single ticket went on sale to the “general public.”
  • An addiitonal eight dates — 25 total — were set before the public on-sale, 19 May U2023.

The Videos

The Trailer
“I mean, it’s complete madness, really. But we’d be mad not to.”
Willie Williams, U2’s creative director for live performances

The Tour

The Teaser

The Ticket Rules

Happy to report the band is doing the right thing for the fans. Why this policy hasn’t been put into place for all ticketed events is beyond me. It’s what I’ve been begging for while railing against scalping.

From Ticketmaster:

“Because the artist wants to make sure you only pay face value, tickets for this show are transfer-restricted. All guests will be required to enter together with the original ticket purchaser. If you are unable to make it to the show, you can re-sell your ticket at face value on Ticketmaster's Fan-to-Fan Face Value Ticket Exchange program.(Details below). Ticketmaster's Face Value Ticket Exchange will allow fans to offer their tickets for resale at the original price they paid (including all taxes and fees). This exchange is the ONLY way a ticket can be moved to a different Ticketmaster account once purchased. No prices above face value can be offered, removing any ability to profit from a resold ticket. Tickets listed on the Exchange are made available on a first come, first served basis.There are no additional fees charged for buying or selling tickets on the Exchange, which will launch after the Ticket Request program has been completed, and tickets have been distributed to fans.”

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Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story

Surrender book cover

The Stories of Surrender one-man theatrical stage show was conceived as a promotional book tour for Bono’s phenomenal “MEmoir” and the tour expanded into an extended series of shows on Broadway.

Of course, the book is available in all the usual formats. But the audio book provides the best experience. Bono’s words told in Bono’s own singular voice — enhanced with musical performances that elevate this autobiography to uncommon heights — set the stage for the album Songs of Surrender, released 17 March U2023.

I Go There With You...

U2: Joshua Tree Tour 2017

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